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pointing up mortar
pointing up mortar

Before (top) and after (bottom) pointing up mortar

One of the more common jobs that we get during the spring is repairing brick mortar or “pointing” up mortar. Over time the mortar in the brick can become damaged from the elements, expanding and contracting with temperature etc. There are several different methods to repair the mortar. I will cover two of the most common.

Prepping the area is very important. You want to make sure that you remove as much of the damaged mortar as possible. You can do this by chiseling the mortar out and I recommend using a wire brush to get rid of any lose material.

The first method is to get some mortar. Most comes in powder form that must be mixed. If you are using this type of mortar, make sure that you mix it properly to get the correct consistency or there is premixed which saves you the trouble of mixing and normally comes in a more convenient size.
After mixing your mortar, simply take your trow and apply small amounts of mortar into the gaps between the bricks or over the cracks etc. Once you have filled the gaps etc, make sure you take your trow and smooth out the mortar to match.

The other method is to use a mortar caulk. Depending on where your issue is and how bad the damaged area is this may be the better option. Simply apply the mortar caulk with a caulking gun and smooth over when finished.

​There you have it. Two options for a Quick Fix for a common problem. Good luck!!!

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